October 28, 2012

A short hiatus...

Has now ended.
October has been a very busy month full of watching a lot of baseball games, cooking, working, brainstorming, sewing, jogging, and getting muddy. I haven't found one good project to share, but when I do find it, I'll post it.
For now, I'm just going to take it easy and post when I can.
But here's where I've been lately.

September 30, 2012

3rd generation renovation

This weekend I painted our breakfast nook all by myself (I kind of had to do it all by myself because everyone else in the house had painted a room on their own too, so I took on the kitchen). All I can say is that if you're not on the tall side, a ladder is your best friend when doing tasks like these.
There will be more projects to come.

The nook before

Getting ready to start painting

The nook after

September 4, 2012

The first year

I started this blog a year ago to give myself something productive to do. It started as some sort of a journal for my day to day life, but since then I have gone in a different direction. I started making things with my hands, all sorts of bad DIY projects. I wanted to show people that not all projects come out perfect, but the point of doing the project was to at least try it once!
So, in honor of my strange little blog turning one year old (because honestly, I thought it wouldn't make it to a year), I want to give something back.

For this first birthday: one reader will get a free PARA MORIR NACIMOS t-shirt reconstructed by AWCA. Just to be forewarned, it ain't gonna be perfect but at least you'll know you're the only one with a one of a kind t-shirt.

A free shirt is a free shirt.

September 3, 2012

Comedy Hour with Iron Lung

Well, more like comedy for about 25 minutes including a shit ton of songs in between from one of the wittiest bands around.
I like it when a band interacts with the crowd...wait, let me correct myself, I like it when Iron Lung interacts with the crowd because they're funny and I like laughing.

For bands links click here.

Mutant Video: 2 guys and a projector. My eyes and ears were both busy.

White Wards: Young kids+punk=this band. I mean this in a good way.

Walls: The singer was also witty and they reminded me of Black Flag when they let their hair grow out. So good all around.

Slices: Sarcastic singing.

Brainoil: Hella heaviness is awesomeness.

Iron Lung: Comedy and music are two of my favorite things.

August 24, 2012


This is a side project I am working on with Bearded Man for his blog PARA MORIR NACIMOS. We will have t-shirts and stickers for sale soon. We want to show positive and real imagery during confusing times like these. 
Love it or hate it, Death is coming for you.
PARA MORIR NACIMOS is not obsessed with the morbid. Death is a natural process we must all go through. We are born to die. But we should not fear Death, we should welcome it. If we fear Death, we fear life. We fear to live our lives the way we want, to find happiness in the smallest things, to make light of big problems. 
PARA MORIR NACIMOS is a positive message. We believe in: living life to your heart's desires, welcoming Death as a natural process, loyalty til death, and of course, supporting your family, supporting your friends, and supporting what you believe in.

Here are some things we have in store in the coming future.

August 20, 2012

Not-so-spontaneous DIY Monday: heart pocket tee

When my co-worker and friend, Ashley, had asked me to do something interesting to some of her t-shirts, I was flattered. No one's ever asked me to do anything like that before. The fact that she let me do some sort of project with her t-shirt really meant a lot to me, someone actually thought my DIY stuff was not all that bad. I'm not the best at DIY, as I've said this many times before,but I find so much joy just sitting on my floor and hacking up t-shirts and listening to good music.
Now, for this not-so-spontaneous DIY Monday (because I had actually planned this project out to the best of my ability), I modeled Ashley's shirt from the one I made here.

It's just any other ordinary cotton American Apparel t-shirt. Have scissors, needle and thread, and some willing hands to do this project. I sew everything by hand, I don't own a sewing machine...yet!

Next, using two pieces of fabric, cut the pocket out into the shape of a heart. You can use, one piece of fabric if you'd like. Don't let fabric go to waste!

Sew the two pieces together with any colored thread you want.

Pin down.

Sew the heart-pocket onto the t-shirt but keep the top part open. Then cut the collar if you'd like.

There we go. I don't know why I decided on a heart-shaped pocket (a black heart, no less), but I thought it would be a little bit more cheery than just a regular pocket.

August 5, 2012

B.A.D. Championship 2012

Richmond Wrecking Belles vs. San Francisco Shevil Dead
Bearded Man and I headed out to Richmond for our first time ever to a roller derby match. We had been wanting to go for almost 2 years. This match was way more exciting than anything they showed in the movie Whip It! I do think it is a good movie but the real thing is always better. Til next season, B.A.D. Girls!